From bakes and beats to savings lives: 8 creative wins on Twitter in October

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Twitter is the shortest distance between you and what matters to you the most. This month there’s an awful lot that matters with some inspired life saving campaigns and stories.

The British Heart Foundation ran an incredible world first campaign, raising awareness around CPR training. The @NHS is opening up its account to new curators each week, and using it to tell some incredible stories about why Britain’s health service matters so much. Still on the subject of saving lives, Santander is doing just that with new Blaze Lights. It’s been an incredible month for creativity.

  1. The British Heart Foundation

    More than 30,000 cardiac arrests happen out of hospital in the UK each year, with less than one in ten of people surviving. @TheBHF launched #RestartAHeart with brand new, unique piece of functionality. Someone on Twitter Liking the Tweet would trigger one of two responses, sent to the person as an @reply. Less than one in ten people received a message of survival, with others receiving a thought-provoking truth that without the necessary CPR they had not survived.

    The campaign was a huge success, with 47,000 global mentions of #RestartAHeart across seven day period (more in this Moment). Compared with last year, +1163% increase in UK mentions of #RestartAHeart on campaign launch day.

  2. Santander Cycles

    We need to do more to keep cyclists safe in London. Santander Cycles have made a brilliant step forward, fitting Blaze Lights to its hire cycles. These green lights project out onto the road ahead, helping cyclists be more visible at junctions, blind spots and in situations where they might be hard to see.

    Santander launched the initiative with this very cute custom emoji, triggered every time a person on Twitter Tweets #SantanderCycles.

    From bakes and beats to savings lives: 8 creative wins on Twitter in October

  3. XBoxUK

    This is SO cool. We recently launched the ability to be able to live stream from any source using Periscope Producer. It could be a live TV feed, a drone… whatever you want. XBox UK took the opportunity to live stream game play for Gears Of War 4 straight into Periscope, giving people on Twitter a first hand experience of the game play.

  4. NHS

    The NHS has a few accounts - @NHSEngland and @NHSChoices - but @NHS is the first that will be personal and direct. Each week a patient or staff member in the UK’s publicly-funded National Health Service will take control over the account to share their stories and experiences, live.

    The first curator is Richard Orchard, who is being treated for non-hodgkin lymphoma. Richard shared that experience with followers, as well as more general stories about his life and hobbies. He’ll answered questions from those interested in his treatment.

  5. Sainsbury’s

    Either these kids are extremely talented or they drank less beer than I usually would when playing pong. It’s probably the first, isn’t it? Either way, they’re really good at it. Sainsbury’s is in the spooky spirit of Halloween with a series of great videos for the scare season.

  6. Selfridges

    All I want for Christmas is a sequin Santa outfit. Seriously. This outfit is incredible. Selfridges invited Santa to don his most glamorous suit and give a tour of the Christmas windows installations. Little known fact: apparently Santa can DJ. Who knew?

  7. Beats By Dre

    With a cast of thousands, including the likes of Pharrell Williams, Michael Phelps, Karlie Kloss and Rebel Wilson, Beats By Dre has done a fabulous job of taking its #GotNoStrings TV ad and making it work on Twitter. With teasers, multi image Tweets, an extended cut, celebrity Tweets and a host of fun GIFs. It’s all there, no strings attached…

  8. Tesco

    And finally, a great bit of functionality from Tesco. If you ReTweet its Tweet you’ll get a nice reminder via @reply for the last challenge in its #BakeOn competition. There’s been a new recipe competition each week, culminating in a super scrummy Chocolate Salted Caramel Marble Cake.

    You can find all the Tweets in this blog post in our Moment here