#Eurovision 2016

Sunday, 15 May 2016

The highs and lows, the wows and LOLs - Twitter came alive tonight for the final of the #Eurovision song contest, generating more than 7 million Tweets over the course of evening.

In a surprise victory, Ukraine were crowned the winners of the competition as they knocked leaders Australia off the top spot in a last-minute nail-biter.

The moment when they were declared winners saw 72,915 Tweets per minute, making it the most Tweeted-about moment of the night and breaking the record of 48,461 previously held by Georgia in 2015.

Tweets per minute

The most retweeted Tweet of the evening came from British vlogger Dan Howell (@DanIsNotOnFire), scoring more than 13,000 Retweets for his description of the spectacle: 

Other top Tweets of the evening included author JK Rowling (@jk_rowling):

Fan Lu (@puppyheda) scored more than 8,000 Retweets for her take on the show:

Justin Timberlake’s (@jtimberlake) appearance at the show attracted 32,000 Tweets per minute, and this message to his fellow performers was Retweeted more than 6,000 times:

Each act performing in the contest had their own hashtag - the most popular over the course of the evening were as follows:

  1. #Aus (Australia)
  2. #Pol (Poland)
  3. #Rus (Russia)
  4. #Fra (France)
  5. #Gbr (Great Britain)
  6. #Ger (Germany)
  7. #Swe (Sweden)
  8. #Esp (Spain)
  9. #Ukr (Ukraine)
  10. #Cro (Croatia)

Victory for 2016, though, belonged to @Jamala and the Ukraine, a country who had not topped the table since 2004. Relive the moment she discovered she had won with this clip:

Note: An earlier version of this blog included a lower number of Tweets per minute recorded for Ukraine’s victory, and a sightly different ranking of country hashtags. This blog has now been updated with the latest up-to-date data, covering the period three hours prior to and 30 minutes after the show’s broadcast.