#Eurovision 2016

Sunday, 15 May 2016

The highs and lows, the wows and LOLs - Twitter came alive tonight for the final of the #Eurovision song contest, generating more than 7 million Tweets over the course of evening.

In a surprise victory, Ukraine were crowned the winners of the competition as they knocked leaders Australia off the top spot in a last-minute nail-biter.

The moment when they were declared winners saw 64,889 Tweets per minute, making it the most Tweeted-about moment of the night and breaking the record of 48,461 previously held by Georgia in 2015.

The most retweeted Tweet of the evening came from British vlogger Dan Howell (@DanIsNotOnFire), scoring more than 11,000 Retweets for his description of the spectacle: 

Other top Tweets of the evening included author JK Rowling (@jk_rowling):

Fan Lu scored more than 8,000 Retweets for her take on the show:

Justin Timberlake’s appearance at the show attracted 32,000 Tweets per minute, and this message to his fellow performers was Retweeted more than 5,000 times:

Each act performing in the contest had their own hashtag - the most popular over the course of the evening were as follows:

  1. #Rus (Russia)
  2. #Pol (Poland)
  3. #Fra (France)
  4. #Aus (Australia)
  5. #Gbr (Great Britain)
  6. #Ger (Germany)
  7. #Swe (Sweden)
  8. #Esp (Spain)
  9. #Cro (Croatia)
  10. #Geo (Georgia)

Victory for 2016, though, belonged to @Jamala and the Ukraine, a country who had not topped the table since 2004. Relive the moment she discovered she had won with this clip from @Eurovision: