Creative wins on Twitter in September: from Fantastic Beasts to a new FIFA game release

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Twitter is your live connection to culture. It’s where you find out about what’s going on in the world right now. And boy oh boy, has it been a busy month. A new Blair Witch movie, the return of Mr. Robot, the launch of FIFA17… users turned to Twitter to follow these events live and be closer to the action than ever before.

If you’re a brand, you want to be part of that conversation. And here’s how…

Fantastic Beasts Stickers:

The launch of Stickers in June was a super exciting one. Finally we could all unleash our creative brilliance and create masterpieces using cartoon emoji stickers. Yes, my cat does need a pair of sunglasses.

The new Fantastic Beasts film is a few weeks away yet, but Twitter users can get involved by adding iconic items from the film to their photos. Wands in the air! Like you just don’t care!

Blair Witch

There’s a new Blair Witch movie. It may or may not contain oodles of snot, like the first one did. Let’s hope not. Blair Witch worked with Niche, Twitter’s Creator network, to produce brilliant films with guys like @StorrorParkour, a super cool parkour group. Nothing like sending influencers out into a cold dark forest to get people’s attention!



Sainsbury’s created some beautiful content for their sponsorship of the Paralympics. These short films looking back at the athlete’s childhood are wonderful. The quote “it’s not about how old you are, it’s how good you are” is a brilliant reminder of the achievements of these incredible Superhumans.


Direct Line

Now, we’d never say that everyone should walk quickly. A stroll is as great as a march. But when there are two minutes until your train and you’re stuck behind that one person enjoying a stroll through the station… argh! Direct Line are here to help.


EA Games #FIFA17

The new FIFA is out! The productivity of the entire country is going to plummet as we all commit hours to our dreams of being multimillionaire footballers.

To kick off (ahem) the day of release, EA ran a ‘First View’ campaign, ensuring their film was the first Promoted Video seen by users that day. Along with a great custom emoji and an Amplify campaign, it’s a proper high-impact idea.

 Also, a treat for fans of “players pointing at things”, this multi-image is a dream come true.

Amazon Video UK, Mr. Robot

There are at least two computer geniuses in the world: one hacking the FBI in Mr Robot, the other creating gifs to promote Mr. Robot. Hopefully only one of them wears a hoodie and has an um…active imagination. The cinemagraph they’ve made is especially ace.



Kevin Hart

There are two reasons to get famous. Only two. One is to do Strictly Come Dancing, the other is to get your own emoji. Kevin Hart took emojis to a new level - getting his emoji in Periscope too!


It’s a tough life being a millionaire, when your diamonds weigh your hands down, your private jet runs out of bubbly, and your caviar isn’t quite chilled enough. Euromillions knows the struggle is real.


Alex Pettitt

And finally, whilst this isn’t from a brand account, it’s worth checking out @alexpettitt’s brilliant Periscopes. He’s started using Periscope Producer, combined with an awesome free tool called
OBS. It’s enabled him to produce these beautifully designed, dual screen Periscopes, complete with on-screen graphics. Excited to see where this could head for Periscope!