#ContentCreators: Five creators you should know from the world of comedy

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

There are a huge variety of creators on Twitter and Vine covering everything from comedy and sport to music and fashion. More and more brands are connecting with them to create great content that entertains significant audiences.

We’re helping that process by bringing brands and content creators together through the power of niche (@joinniche) to highlight some of the best talent out there. We’ll be showcasing a variety of creators over the coming months, and we’re kicking things off with five amazing creators of comedy content.

David Vujanic

David Vujanic (@DavidVujanic) came to the UK when his family escaped the war in Serbia. Influenced by his immigration experience, David started creating YouTube comedy — at the age of 16 — inspired by the European myths he encountered to parody these stereotypes. Today, he’s still creating sketches and comedy content and his video “Cheeky Nandos” was a 2015 sensation, featured on 2016 Christmas Special of Rude Tube and reaching over two million views, plus a download on iTunes. A big Liverpool fan, he is a widely recognised football commentator, working with a range of sports brands and a reporter for @Copa90. He also runs the #filthyFellas channel on YouTube with his friend and co-host @PoetsCorner, sharing their passion for football and predicting score outcomes of high European games

Daz Black

Daz Black (@daz_black) worked in construction before turning his hand to Vine where he developed his personal passion of acting. He had been a gaming enthusiast for years, specialising in reviewing independent games from across the world. His popular YouTube gaming channel is still going strong and Daz thought that Vine would be good place to develop his acting talents. His quirky approach and wig-wearing characters makes him popular with all ages. With three million followers on Vine, He’s working with global brands and regularly, collaborating with Huw Samuel, Leslie Wai, Arron Crascall, and Zach King.

Holly H

Based in Guernsey, Holly H (@hollyhvine) is often seen creating Vine with beautiful rural backdrops. Holly’s Vines are funny and creative, and by using simple editing tricks, she creates scenarios that everyone can relate to.

Jayne Sharp

A professional voice over artist and actress, Jayne Sharp (@Jaynesharp) joined Vine to test and develop her creative ideas. Known for the brilliant #perfectportaits of famous people, Jayne shows that Vine is not just a place for teens. Jayne is about to have her second child and we’re looking forward to her return to the platform and can’t wait for more #perfectportraits in 2016.

The Midnight Beast

Covering music, comedy, pranks, and gaming, The Midnight Beast (@midnightbeastuk) have fast become a youth phenomenon! With sell-out music tours, a popular series on Channel 4’s E4, projects with Comedy Central in the US, the Vines that Stefan Abingdon, Ashley Horne, and Dru Wakely create are a multimedia explosion of energy and hilarity.