#ContentCreators: 4 amazing Vines for Groundhog Day

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

To celebrate Groundhog Day, we got together with four of our talented creators who are part of our niche (@joinniche) team. They’ve created some inspiring Vines that highlight how great original content can help bring any moment to life.

So keep your fingers crossed that when Punxsutawney Phil, made famous by Bill Murray’s jaded weatherman in the film comedy, emerges later today in Pennsylvania, he doesn’t see his shadow. If it’s cloudy, that signals that spring will come early. Whichever way it turns out, these Vines are sure to brighten your day.

Ben Charman

From Ben (@bencharmanart) we have a digital animation that combines Groundhog Day with a well known internet meme:

Oh hi Mark

Mark’s(@marktweeted) Vine is a comedy sketch that re-enacts a scene from the “Groundhog Day” ceremony, which in the film we see over and over again. This time we see our news reporter announcing the arrival of Punxsutawney Phil, but with a twist:

Holly H

Holly (@hollyhvine) has plumped for one long looping video of Mondays. She shows the whole day, breakfast to bedtime. Banging.

Dougie Stew

Dougie’s (@DougieStew) Vine is also all about that Monday feeling. All you have to do is imagine if every day felt like a Monday… over and over and over again:

There’s plenty more #GroundhogDay content on Twitter today on Moments.