Brands connect live with dynamic ad solutions

Monday, 20 June 2016

Three businesses across Europe are the first in the world to trial brand new responsive ads on Twitter that react live to real-world events and locations.

Armani, Volkswagen and 20th Century Fox will become the first three businesses to run ads using the technologies, which were created by 4C (@4Cinsights) and Gruvi (@ProjectGruvi) using Twitter’s API.

Volkswagen and Armani are working with 4C to deliver ad campaigns based on goals scored and other events in the Euro 2016 championships, and Fox are using Gruvi’s technology to dynamically serve Tweets with live cinema times based on a user’s location.

Sanj Matharu, Brand Strategy at Twitter, said: “Twitter is the best way to keep up with live events and what’s happening around you, and this technology allows advertisers to embrace this in real-time and at scale in a way we have never seen before.

“It gives advertisers the opportunity for brands to be present in the biggest live moments on Twitter, as they happen. We’re delighted to be working with 4C and Gruvi and excited about the creative possibilities offered by this technology in the future.”

Each of the three advertisers have used the new technologies in different ways to reach their audiences live and in the moment.


Volkswagen’s campaign runs across seven international markets, and sends live emoji reactions to happenings on the pitch during the #EURO2016 championships.

Anders-Sundt Jensen, Head of Marketing Communications at the Volkswagen Passenger Cars, said: “We have created an untraditional campaign around the tournament, engaging customers with @Volkswagen in multiple countries. Using only emojis, a playful and novel way, was perfect for us to communicate across several cultures and languages. It allowed us to be part of the live conversation around the games - right in the moment when the action happened.”


Armani have been running a video campaign about the EA 7 Emporio Armani brand, official outfitter of the Italian Olympic and Paralympic teams for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, during the opening matches of Euro 2016. They targeted users across the UK, Russia, France and Belgium with a video ad campaign. The Tweets were delivered at specific moments during the games, such as kick offs and goals, when people were likely to be looking at Twitter. The days after the matches, Armani also used the #EURO2016 event targeting option to deliver a second tranche of the campaign.

20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox (@20CenturyFoxUK) have created a UK-wide campaign to support the launch of Independence Day Resurgence, in which they will show Twitter users a trailer for the movie, which opens on Thursday. Tweets will include live cinema times based on a user’s location. It will allow people to click through directly from Twitter to book tickets for specific cinemas and showtimes individually tailored to them.

Posie Doughty, Marketing Manager at 20th Century Fox, said: “Movie fans come to Twitter to discuss their opinions and reviews live with fellow enthusiasts, making the platform an important way for us to reach these influencers. Gruvi’s technology will enable us to serve contextually relevant tweets to film fans that delivers genuinely useful showtimes information and the opportunity to book tickets, in real time. “

4C’s CEO, Lance Neuhauser said: “At 4C, we’re big believers in the power of multi-screen marketing and Twitter offers a tremendous opportunity for advertisers to capture live moments and drive brand performance.”