9 creative wins on Twitter in May from planes and games to ice cream and fashion

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Live is at the heart of Twitter, ‘what’s happening’ is the first thing you see when you type a Tweet. This month there’s an awful lot happening and live is running right through the heart of it.

May brought in Eurovision, the Monaco GP, Cannes and, of course, the drama of Peggy Mitchell. Even sequins, fast cars and celebrity parties can’t outdo that East End drama royalty.

  1. @PlaystationUK

    Uncharted 4 sees the return of the legendary treasure hunter Nathan Drake. This game is big-time hyped, it’s a huge deal and to back it up, the reviews have been incredible. The Guardian described it as a game that “everyone should experience”. Kicking it off on Twitter, Playstation launched a great Nathan emoji, alongside some great gifs and videos.

  2. @MagnumUK

    Imagine getting asked to fly to France to eat ice cream. Sometimes we wonder if @kendalljenner has the best life ever. So we could join in the fun, and share some of the glamour through Twitter, @MagnumUK used a Promoted Moment featuring Kendall. It followed her throughout her day in Cannes at the #MagnumDouble party. Let’s be fair, it looks bloody fun.

  3. @Sainsburys &@Homemade

    Eurovision is a feast for the eyes, ears and hearts. But not often our stomachs. It’s already a bit of a sensory overload. So much glitter. So many flames. So cast your sympathy towards poor Jamie East (@mrjamieeast), who agreed to eat 22 national dishes during the show for the Sainsbury’s recipe site, @Homemade.

  4. @HelloB

    ‘B’ is the new app centric current account from Clydesdale Bank (@clydesdalebank), making money management easier. To showcase just what can happen when you’ve got savings on your side, ‘B’ ran a promotion to win some awesome swag. The bonus? You get to use a giant Periscope controlled claw grabber robot to win the prizes. Each winner was given a minute on Periscope to control the robot.

  5. @redbullracing

    We recently announced that Periscopes now last forever, so you can replay them as many times as you want. Whoop whoop! Red Bull Racing took to Periscope to interview two of its drivers - Daniel Ricciardo (@danielricciardo) and Max Verstappen (@Max33Verstappen) before the Monaco GP.

  6. @VirginAtlantic

    We’ve all said it. “One day I’ll swim the Great Barrier Reef, I’ll take a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon or maybe I’ll have an ice cream at the Bognor Regis Butlins”. We all dream big. Virgin Atlantic is making those dreams come true, by finding ‘#OneDay’ Tweets that long for adventure but were never realised, and offering up the holiday of a lifetime to those lucky, lucky souls.

  7. @NespressoUK

    Nespresso is bringing ‘food porn’ to a whole new level of sexy with interactive ‘scratchreel’ gifs. They allow people to swipe over the gif to play out the recipe creation. Saucing has never looked saucier.

  8. @bbceastenders

    Did you know, one in three users say that they have watched a TV programme because of a Twitter conversation? Amidst the drama of Peggy’s death, all the chatter this week has been about Stacey and Martin’s upcoming nuptials. Will they still get married? Would they call it off?

    9 creative wins on Twitter in May from planes and games to ice cream and fashion
  9. @Burberry

    And finally, a beautiful film from Burberry using illustrator Luke Edward Hall. The patchwork bags look simply beautiful. Fans of this blog take note: I’d quite like the red snakeskin with leopard trim. It’s totally me.