8 things Twitter users told us about the iPhone launch

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

It’s the first week of September and that means a new Apple iPhone is on the way. There have been millions of Tweets about the iPhone in the past month as journalists and consumers speculate about what it might deliver. We’ve conducted new research* that highlights what people are most looking forward to.

Getting a new mobile phone is always exciting, our study found that 70% buy a new phone because they want an upgrade while 28% bought a new phone because theirs has been broken or stolen. And many of those are considering upgrading to the new iPhone.

iPhone specifics

Without hesitation, more than a third (37%) are sure they’ll buy the new iPhone. Many of those will be Apple users upgrading, but our study also found that 18% of Android users are considering buying the new iPhone. Of those who will buy the new iPhone, 48% said that they would do it within three months of its release.

The iPhone features you want

The top three features that Twitter users who took part in our study would like to see are longer battery life – cited by 81% – water resistance and more storage.

If users could have any feature on the iPhone (blue sky future thinking) they wouldn’t mind a time machine, a hologram projector and better Siri…possibly as a hologram.

Tech news

Whatever features people want from a new phone, there’s one thing that our users agreed on: 65% agree Twitter is a good way to find out about rumours in tech. Furthermore, 57% agree that the platform is the best place to keep up with breaking news in tech. Watch this space.

8 things Twitter users told us about the iPhone launch

*Source: Twitter Insiders UK (@insiders_uk), August 2016, 662 respondents