5 Tips for brands using Moments on Twitter

Friday, 14 October 2016

We recently opened Moments for all, to allow everyone on Twitter to collect and curate Tweets. For brands, Moments are a fresh way to tell stories on Twitter as part of their everyday and campaign strategies.

Moments allow brands to create brand stories by easily collecting, ordering and reordering organic or Promoted Tweets. Brands can use Moments to showcase everyday conversation, maintain campaign momentum, extend longevity of campaign assets, and drive their always-on strategy.

Here are our five top tips to give you ideas and inspiration for all of your Moments.

  1. Build a clear narrative

    As with any great story, it’s important for your Moment to have a clear narrative structure. Start by establishing a beginning, a middle and an end to your brand story. Using images as dividers can help to structure your Moment. This gives the user a clear path as they swipe through. Your Tweet copy should help to provide context and intrigue, encouraging the user to continue swiping.

    We saw a really good example of this earlier this year from Unilever’s @persiluk. It used Moments to highlight how little time kids spend outdoors as part of its #DirtisGood campaign.

    5 Tips for brands using Moments on Twitter

    @MartinCraster, a creative from Twitter UK, used Moments recently to highlight the incredible creative potential for comic-book style animation

    5 Tips for brands using Moments on Twitter
  2. Don’t be repetitive

    Remember that the user always controls the journey. By adding a Tweet to your Moment it has to add value to the story – you want to keep the user hooked. If your narrative is exciting and original you’ll keep them swiping.

    For the launch of the new Bourne film, @UniversalPics created a compelling example with a create-your-own-adventure Moment, which took you down different paths according to the choices you made.

    5 Tips for brands using Moments on Twitter

  3. Simple visuals perform best

    More than 80% of people on Twitter consume Tweets via Mobile. By using Promoted-Only Tweets brands can optimise content for the 9x16 format, without having to publish this content directly to their Twitter feed. Large typography and illustrations can be a great way to highlight key brand messages.

    Think carefully about your cover image. Dynamic GIFs, clean and impactful imagery or celebrity talent can all serve as an initial hook to increase interest.

    @Volkswagen has demonstrated how you can use high quality, premium brand visuals in this environment really effectively.

    5 Tips for brands using Moments on Twitter
  4. The shorter the better

    Your Moment should be snack-able. To make it easy for people to consume, start by creating titles that are short and intriguing, and try to keep your descriptions under 30 words. Simplicity is key.

    One great example of simplicity is from @VirginMedia. In this Moment @usainbolt shows of his best dance moves as part of the #BeTheFastest campaign.

    5 Tips for brands using Moments on Twitter
  5. Tweet and Promote your brand Moment

    Brands can use Promoted Tweets and Twitter’s audience targeting capabilities to amplify their brand Moments. And of course, you always have the option to share your Moment organically with your followers. Using Pinned Tweets, brands can also push their Moment to the top of their timeline to drive further engagement.

    @xboxuk celebrated the launch of #GearsofWar4 by using Twitter Stickers and promoted a collection of some of those people submitted.

    5 Tips for brands using Moments on Twitter

    Whether you’re looking to launch a new product, build up excitement for an event or even share your brand’s everyday campaign conversation, Moments are an easy, interactive and engaging way for you to tell your brand’s best stories.