12 great examples from across Europe of how brands got involved with #EURO2016

Thursday, 14 July 2016

In the end there were more than 109 million Tweets related to #EURO2016 with over 14.2 million Tweets sent as Portugal defeated France to become European champions.

Throughout the competition brands played their part in the conversation.
Here’s our roundup of some of those campaigns from across Europe as brands used GIFs, emojis and a lot of video to contribute to the conversation and the celebration of the game.

  1. @Orange

    Orange was one of the official sponsors of #EURO2016 and created a campaign that not only got fans thinking, but one that thought big. With #OrangeSponsorsYou it invited fans to Tweet in support of their national team. The team with the most support lit up the Eiffel Tower creating a really impactful Twitter-powered moment.

    It also used Periscope to broadcast the nightly unveiling, bringing people closer via live streaming.

  2. @Vauxhall

    The England team sponsor had high hopes but it also wisely built its strategy around connecting with fans from all of the home nations who qualified. @Vauxhall took advantage of our creator network Niche, bringing together talent from across England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

    Additionally it made great use of a Promoted Moment to tell a bigger story. After England and NI were eliminated @Vauxhall continued to beat the drum for Wales.

  3. @CocaColaITA

    Coca-Cola combined entertainment and utility for its #EURO2016 campaign. It offered fans a timely reminder of when games were taking place. Fans could also download all #EURO2016 fixtures into their calendar. The campaign perfectly aligned with the brand’s hashtag, which translates as “Let’s support together”.

  4. @BudweiserUK

    What is football without a beer? @BudweiserUK partnered with Twitter and @ITVSport to deliver real-time highlights through Twitter’s Amplify sponsorship offering. It shared clips with pre-roll to its audience and it celebrated with a custom emoji, #ThisBudsForYou, as it joined in with fans to celebrate the wins and offer a free beer.

  5. @CarrefourItalia

    Carrefour found a great way to interact with its Twitter followers around #ITA’s tournament. Using features such as GIFs and images, it created a fun campaign based around real-time content that drove high amounts of engagement with fans as Italy progressed.

  6. @Volkswagen

    Volkswagen took an international approach to #EURO2016 to reflect its presence in multiple markets. Throughout it Tweeted live updates from #EURO2016 games and was also one of the first businesses in the world to trial brand new responsive ads on Twitter. These react live to real-world events and locations, which resulted in a wonderful series of Tweets in the universal language of emojis.

  7. @vw_france 

    At the same time local VW accounts such as @vw_france were forging their own path. It made the tough decision to support France.

    Its final funny Tweet closed the loop : “We bring German players home. We’re familiar with the road. Congrats to France and bravo to Germany for their competition”.
  8. @VolvoCarFr

    Volvo launched invited Twitter users to “swed” their profiles with Swedish colours and names using the hashtag #SuèdeMyName in a fun effort to get people to show support for the team. With the added benefit of Zlatan and his 3,65M of followers, Volvo was able to convey national pride and a message about its new Volvo V90.

  9. @Carlsberg

    As an official sponsor @Carlsberg engaged with its users by inviting them to vote for the Carlsberg Man of The Match and to select the Goal Of The Round.

    It made strong use of video for these votes, sharing great goals and other video clips that fans readily engaged with. As #ENG faced #WAL, @Carlsberg also showed it was on the side of the fans as it sent a letter on Twitter calling on bosses to allow workers a break to watch the match.
  10. @IcelandFoods

    England might have crashed against Iceland, but high street frozen food store @IcelandFoods was a definite winner on Twitter. While some fans confused it with the Icelandic team, the frozen food retailer seized the moment to rack up thousands of Retweets with a series of fun Tweets and well realised stunts.The brand also pointed people in the right direction.

    Finally @CarlsbergUK also joined the conversation and challenged @IcelandFoods to a betting contest. @CarlsbergUK lost but dutifully kept its promise.
  11. @adidasFR

    Adidas used the influence of Adidas players from all over Europe, including Gareth Bale and Morgan Schneiderlin, for its campaign for its new shoes Ace16.

    It also used GIFs and native video to share quality tournament action to delight fans.

  12. @cocacolafr

    Official sponsor @cocacolafr was ready to engage with both expected and unexpected moments as the competition progressed and used conversational videos, emojis and an RT contest, to engage with its audience. It showed how engaging with influencers can work as it congratulated @AntoGriezmann (2,25M followers) for his critical goal.

    You can see all the Tweets and campaigns mentioned in one place on Tweet in our #EURO2016 collection: