10 creative wins on Twitter in August: From absent letters to the greatest mash up of Things The Internet Loves

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Usually we wouldn’t recommend the combination of cake, blood and a Tweeting dog. It sounds like a hangover you’d like to forget. But this month’s creative round up includes all these things! Alongside some wonderful creative ideas, we’ve showcased the first brands using our spanking new Moments tool, so be sure to check those out.

  1. Tesco #BakeOn

    The Bake Off is back!!! A welcome return for soggy bottoms, innuendo and the fear-inducing Hollywood blue-eyed stare. @Tesco is encouraging the nation to get involved, setting weekly challenges for #GBBO fans. After seeing the contestants on week one of @BritishBakeOff, let’s hope that jaffa cakes aren’t in the plan…

  2. Give Blood NHS

    This blood donation campaign continues to astound us. Such a brilliantly executed, simple idea from @GiveBloodNHS. This month the campaign went global, with brands and people removing the As, Bs and Os from their names to support the cause.


    This month we announced that we’ll soon be opening up our Moments format to everyone. Right now, we’re working with a few great creative partners with early access, but in the coming months, everyone will be able to build their own collection of Tweets.

    Check out a few of the brilliant examples so far.
  3. Adidas

    Adidas (@AdidasUK) took street style to Notting Hill Carnival, showcasing all the brilliant ways people style their Adidas.

  4. Samsung

    Samsung (@SamsungUK) continued its fantastic Olympic sponsorship with these great videos from Jack Whitehall.

  5. Virgin Media

    Virgin Media (@virginmedia) have taken all the best moves from its #BeTheFastest campaign with Usain Bolt to create a really fun, dance-packed Moment. A great example of cutting up and repurposing assets to make them work a bit harder!

  6. Volkswagen

    Moments can support so many Twitter formats – images, GIFs, videos, polls… Volkswagen (@Volkswagen) have really made the most of this, packing its Moment full of beautiful creative formats.

  7. Ballantines

    Whilst whisky and the aubergine emoji might be a rather… ahem… dangerous combination, @Ballantines embraced the emoji with this great idea. Working with We Are Social, @Ballantines created a really cool service that allows you to Tweet #WhiskyEmoji with any emoji of your choice to get back an inspired ‘serve’ animation. It’s worked with a team of brilliant artists to create hundreds of different animations, making sure every emoji is covered. Even the aubergine.

  8. Oasis

    Nice idea from Oasis (@Oasis_Drinks) with its DNA decoder, which will work out what refreshing beverage you should be choosing. We won’t give anything away here.

  9. BP

    The gold rush of Rio already seems like a long time ago. Sigh. Luckily the Paralympics are about to start. To get you in the mood, check out this heartwarming campaign from BP (@BP_UK), an official partner for the forthcoming games.

  10. XBoxUK

    And finally, the world’s greatest mash up of Things the Internet Loves. This campaign from @XBoxUK features a cosplaying, computer game loving, Tweeting Corgi.