10 creative wins on Twitter from Europe

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Starting this month we’re bringing you a regular look at some of the best creative campaigns happening on Twitter in Europe. From media to utilities, autos to alcohol, brands across the spectrum and across the continent are flexing their creativity on Twitter.

It highlights how brands are using different Twitter products and tools to get their message across from multi-image Tweets and emojis, to ScratchReels and a lot of great video.


Thanks to the collaboration between the city of Paris (@Paris) and Orange (@orange), Twitter users have been beautifully lighting up the Eiffel Tower (@LaTourEiffel) with the colours of their national teams during #EURO2016.

Danone brand Actimel (@actimelFR) used First View to put its #StayStrong video in the top ad spot for 24 hours.


Volkswagen (@Volkswagen) Tweeted live updates from #Euro2016 games in the universal language of emojis.

Mercedes-Benz’s (@mbfussball) brand emoji #ViveLaMannschaft celebrates the German #EURO2016 team, and their Conversational Videos engage the football audience (click to see the card).


Sky Italia launched internet-on-demand service NOW TV (@NOWTV_It) with a custom emoji for the hashtag #NowYouCan. A Conversational Card made it simple for people to share the news, and the hashtag (click to see the card).


Philips (@Philips_UK) saw high view rates for an engaging ScratchReel that let the male target audience play with its new One Blade styler.

Firing up audiences for the new TV series Outcast, FOX (@foxNL) went viral when it used Conversational Video to ask people if they were possessed (click to see the card).


Energy supplier Luminus has been tracking the “social energy” released during #EURO2016 matches. Its new profile, the “12th Devil” (@12deDuivel), shares GIFs and videos of Belgian fans celebrating in the stands.


The Heineken Champions League campaign played on the Spanish “habit” of staying on at work until the boss leaves the office. @Heineken_ES called on workers to nominate their boss as #UnJefeDeChampions (A Boss of Champions), who would leave early on match days.

The campaign included a First View and creative formats including images, animated GIFs and Twitter native video, which had a view rate over 17%.

Samsung celebrated the Madrid Book Fair by inviting users to generate novels out of their best Tweets. Users who clicked through @SamsungEspana Tweets to the “Mi Novela Tuitera” (My Twitter Novel) website were able to download a PDF of their best Tweets – and the first 500 who Tweeted with a campaign hashtag received print versions.