Vine stars: six seconds of creativity from November

Friday, 4 December 2015

The nights are drawing in, the days are getting shorter and sometimes it feels like we get six seconds of daylight. But boy, oh boy, brands have been making the most of those six seconds of daylight this month. Some absolute corkers in our roundup for November. Enjoy!


Regular readers will know that we’ve been consistent with our advice for branded Vines: “always include tambourine playing badgers.” Pleased to see that Ribena has been paying attention.


Bonfire night — when cats get scared and it rains pizza. Domino’s Pizza really made the most of the conversation on fireworks night with this great little stop motion Vine.


McDonald’s UK has been consistently brilliant on Vine. This creative, revealing the Christmas menu, has already amassed 665,000 loops.

Carphone Warehouse (@CPWTweets)

Vine is great for product demos. Six seconds forces a brand into simplicity, making instructions easy to follow. It’s not only a great piece of promotion, but having these Vines to hand for customer service on Twitter is super useful.


UEFA partner with Pepsi Max on this endlessly looping Vine. It’s just as well it chose to spin the football and not the can, otherwise there’d be a terrible mess when they go to open that one.


There’s been a big trend for 3D GIFs, but Walkers has gone one step further: a 3D Vine! Maybe we should offer a service for 5D Vines and wave beef crisps under people’s noses while they watch this. A multi-sensory extravaganza.