Today let's celebrate gastronomy all over Europe with #FoodFriday

Thursday, 11 June 2015

The first edition of #FoodFriday is kicking off this morning all over Europe and the conversation has already started among European foodies.

Today with #FoodFriday, you can interact with over 300 chefs, restaurants and foodies taking part to share your food passions, discover new places and recipes and get inspired.

#FoodFriday, a day full of surprises in three acts

This morning, restaurants and chefs will give exclusive behind-the-scenes tours of their kitchens, larders, sharing their tips, anecdotes and stories from inside the kitchen, all on Twitter.

At mid-day, when you start feeling hungry and are looking for a place to lunch, why not have a look on #FoodFriday! You will be able to find your favourite food trucks or market stall and share images of your delicious meals. Plus restaurants will be sharing what’s on the menu by Tweeting, like Thomasina Miers (@thomasinamiers) and @Wahaca who will be tweeting about their new Wahaca specials menu in Covent Garden.

This afternoon, as #FoodFriday continues, restaurants and chefs taking part will treat followers to useful tips, sneaky tricks and special last-minute offers.

Here are a few ideas of how chefs, restaurants, markets and street stalls can make the most of #FoodFriday on Twitter, Vine and Periscope :

  • Offer deals and menus on Twitter with pictures of the day’s best plate of food
  • Share tips and recipes using 30-second Twitter mobile videos or 6-second Vines
  • Tweet out quotes direct from the chefs themselves, giving insight of what it’s like to cook for a restaurant or a food truck
  • Organize a special Q&A session with the chef, staff or restaurant manager on Twitter
  • Run a competition on Twitter enabling users to win a dinner at your restaurant or cooking lessons with your staff
  • Use Periscope to take people with you whilst browsing the local market or working in the kitchen

How to enjoy #FoodFriday on Twitter?

  • Subscribe to this list which includes all the participants that will be using the hashtag today
  • Follow the conversations around the #FoodFriday dedicated hashtag
  • Engage with those who share your passion for food by Tweeting with #FoodFriday

With over 300 participants, you will be able to find quality content from a great variety of organisations. Find them and follow them on this list.

Enjoy #FoodFriday on Twitter !