Six seconds of creativity: June showcase of brands on Vine

Monday, 6 July 2015

The launch of autoplay video on Twitter means that June was a big month for Vine. Previously, Vines would require a click to play. Now as you scroll through your feed, Vines will play automatically and continue to loop and loop and loop…

  1. @EE

    EE had a fantastic time on Vine at Glastonbury this year. It produced a string of Vines as it offered tips to festival goers on how to stay connected down on Worthy Farm including this one of its colourful cows.

  2. @Burberry

    Yet again, Burberry pulled it out of the bag with a beautifully done six second menswear catwalk show. The camera sweeping over the photographers is a great touch.

  3. @ThreeUK

    Nothing is more important than fast internet – after all, there are Vines to watch! To promote its 4G offering 4G, this text conversation is super simple.

  4. @persiluk

    Apparently shaving foam rubbed onto oily stains can help if you’re nowhere near Persil. Now you know exactly what to do if you’re travelling.

  5. @BuzzFeed and @twitter

    The internet erupted into a rainbow of happiness when same-sex marriage was declared legal across America. Buzzfeed BFF (@YrBFF) brought in Ian McKellen (@IanMcKellen) and Derek Jacobi to celebrate, and we released this tap animation of the rainbow flag.

  6. @HunterBoots

    And finally, Hunter Boots got into the festival spirit with a series of Vines celebrating euphoria at festivals, no matter what the weather. (Spoiler alert: it will rain, you will lose your mates and you will pay over the odds for a cold burger. Enjoy that euphoria if you can!)