Six seconds of creativity: February’s brands on Vine showcase

Friday, 20 February 2015

Oh, February. The nights might be long, but the videos are short. It’s been a great month for Vines in the UK, especially with so many brands brilliantly using the ‘tap-to-pause’ game.

Here are six Vines we’ve seen this month from the worlds of sport, politics and fashion among others.

  1. BT Sport (@btsportfootball): The trend for ‘tap-to-stop’ games on Vine continues apace with this great score predictor with @btsportfootball. The @btsportfootball account has asked for fans to screenshot their score to keep the conversation going. Really neat.
  2. Samsung UK (@SamsungUK): This Shrove Tuesday, @SamsungUK stood out in a day of somewhat predictable “How to flip a pancake” videos with its innovative #PancakePortraits campaign. This Vine featuring chef @GizziErskine is very impressive.
  3. REISS (@REISS): The fashion brand has embraced the idea of Vine as a utility, creating a series of “date night looks” in six seconds to give customers all the inspiration they need to look their best for a night out. 
  4. UKLabour (@UKLabour): With fewer than 80 days until the general election, UK political parties are creating more and more content with sharper commentary. This Vine from @UKLabour calling out Chancellor George Osborne on the HSBC scandal is no exception.
  5. Lucozade Vines (@LucozadeSport): For those brave souls who’ve carried their January fitness regime into February, Lucozade have created a series of Vines to bring you exercise tips in six seconds. Perfect for a quick view in the gym or out on a run.
  6. Tesco (@Tesco): As part of its #OneLittleChange campaign, @Tesco has run a series of Vines that aim to inspire people to make “one little change” to their diet as a move towards a healthier lifestyle.