Six seconds of creativity: Fabulous Vines from October

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Blog titles that didn’t make the cut this month: “Vinally, It Happened To Me”; “Vine Young Cannibals”; or simply “I’m Doing Just Vine”. It’s going to get much more difficult if we start doing a Best Of Periscope monthly blog post. Answers on a postcard for words that rhyme with Periscope to the usual address.

This month’s greatest and loopiest includes Vines from the automotive, FMCG, fast food, and mobile sectors. We have Vine stars, some fabulous animation, and tap to stop. Enjoy!

  1. @FordUK

    Ford brought in Vine mega star Zach King (@FinalCutKing) to create this great magic trick. We really hope they didn’t have to shoot this too many times. Falling into a pool semi-clothed is rarely as fun as they make it look in music videos.

  2. @walkers_crisps

    If you didn’t notice #BackToTheFuture day then where were you? 1985? Walkers jumped on the trend and embraced it. It has created this brilliant Vine of the legendary DeLorean car from the film. Gold stars for the good start and finish loop here too.

  3. @McDonaldsUK

    Some mornings life can be overwhelming — what to wear, what to eat, what shoes to choose. It’s tough out there. McDonald’s has taken the pain out of the morning struggle with this handy Hairstyle Picker.

  4. @BurgerKing

    Imagine the night bus home if this were real! It’d be a giant ball of chickeny goodness. Just dive in and feast on the nugget fantasy. Here, help yourself to a bucket of ketchup.

  5. Carphone Warehouse (@CPWTweets)

    Running out of data is every student’s worst nightmare (aside from crippling debt, lack of employment prospects, and the ever increasing cost of Freddos). Carphone Warehouse has made a great series of Vines showing The Data Fear. This one wins the this-month-only, ‘Most Conceptual Vine We’ve Seen’ prize.

  6. @VCCP

    And finally, slightly breaking the rules here. But creative agency VCCP’s Vines from its Digital Fete agency day are too wonderful not to include.