Six seconds of creativity: August showcase of brands on Vine

Friday, 28 August 2015

While our monthly round-up of Vines usually has a UK focus, sometimes an idea is so great we have to share. We’ve included a few Vines from across the globe, but don’t worry — next month it’ll be all tea, scones, queues, and drizzle again. For now, enjoy a couple of great loops from across the waters, sprinkled amongst our UK best in class examples. 

  1. @Lowes:

    #LowesFixInASix has been a huge success over the years, showing people brilliantly simple DIY hacks. Lowes has taken it even further, creating ‘real life Vines’ in a store window on 6th Avenue in New York City. It even has a working ‘press to Like’ count and loop count.

    Six seconds of creativity: August showcase of brands on Vine
  2. @doctorwho_aus

    Continuing our journey through space and time, we travel to Australia. And this one is brilliant. A great showcase of all the “Doctor Who” merchandise on offer. Vines: bigger on the inside.

  3. @MagnumUK

    It’s not like many of us need an excuse to eat ice cream, but @MagnumUK have given us a good one. Customisable ice creams in their Covent Garden store inspire this Vine. We’ll have a coffee, almond, and sea salt, if you’re buying.

  4. @rimmellondonuk

    We’ve included a tap-to-stop Vine each month because they’re still great fun. Rimmel have upped the ante by offering free mascara to those who match three mascaras in the game.

  5. @AdidasUK

    This great Vine shows off the arrival of the new 2015-16 Manchester United kit. Make sure to follow the ball to the very end.

  6. @LucozadeEnergy

    The woman in this Lucozade Vine has some serious park moves, although probably not advisable when getting on the bus. Drink Lucozade at responsible hours when you know you’ve got the space to move. And sometimes cartwheeling can happen when you least expect it. 

  7. @Tesco

    Let’s be honest — if you turned up at a festival and the family next to you had brought along guitars for their children, chances are you’d move. But the stop motion is great, and someone has spent a great deal of time making that camping chair unfold so perfectly.

  8. Music on @vine

    And finally don’t forget to check out our news about music and Vine. Now, Vine is connecting you to the music you love, starting with this release which lets you discover and create with music on Vine.