Six brands on Vine that celebrate the art of video

Friday, 23 January 2015

From cake-making vacuum cleaners to entire catwalk shows in six seconds, Vine is a huge platform for creativity and magic.

Over the past two years we’ve seen brands embrace the platform like never before, creating product demonstrations that defy expectations and racking up millions of loops, which can be tracked across platforms from logged-in and logged-out users.

From the great Vines we have seen over the last year, we have picked six to inspire you in honour of Vine’s second birthday on 24 January.

  1. Pepsi Max UK (@PepsiMaxUK): If a car can, a can can too. The soft drinks giant demonstrates a wonderful sense of invention as a can is transformed into a robot and flies off into the atmosphere. 
  2. Lego (@LEGO_Group): Lego has long been fans of stop motion video, back since they created its own kits for budding animators to get going. This Vine of cars, planes and monsters really plays testament to that. 
  3. Adidas UK (@adidasuk): Sometimes constraint works very much in a brand’s favour. Here @adidasuk tells a neat, concise story with this kit Vine. 
  4. Dominos UK (@Dominos_UK): Some of the best Vines make the most of the “how did they do that??” moment. Using stop motion tricks, Vine artist @Supashakes created a recipe for Dominos UK. 
  5. American Express (@AmericanExpress): Need to showcase multiple product features quickly? Six seconds is more than you think sometimes. This Vine from American Express is a great way to showcase its partnership with @TripAdvisor
  6. Pizza Hut (@pizzahut): One of the most recent trends we’ve seen on Vine is the ‘tap to stop’ games. Simply tap to stop the video anywhere, giving a different result each time. This flavour picker works so well for it.