Seven stats about console gaming and Twitter

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

This Christmas, a big purchase for many will be PC and console games. The audience on Twitter is huge and they’re far more likely to talk about gaming than the average internet user.

That’s one of the new research findings conducted among our @Birdsignals UK* users community into console games and Twitter.

Just in time for #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday, many big gaming titles have been (or are about to be) released, including some of those in our gaming collection below. These are the titles that will be vying for the attention and wallets of users — many of whom will purchase only one title.

There are millions of mentions of different gaming titles throughout the year on Twitter, as users share their excitement about new games, tips, and gaming experiences — like these cool tricks or great shots.

Seven stats about console gaming and Twitter

Users will be looking out for great gaming content as well as reviews that are shared on Twitter to help them make-up their minds.

Our study found that UK Twitter users are not only avid gamers, but also that gaming is part of their identity. They often talk about gaming and are seen as influential and asked their opinions by others. Here are our seven top stats about gamers on Twitter:

Seven stats about gaming and Twitter

  1. 72% more likely to talk about gaming than average internet users
  2. 54% of UK Twitter users 
own a games console
  3. 50% say gaming is part of who they are
  4. 25% play video games every day
  5. 46% of Twitter users will buy video games this Christmas
  6. 48% like to keep up to date with upcoming game releases
  7. 20% say they are often asked for their opinion on game consoles

*Source: Birdsignals UK user community 2015

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