Niche to connect brands with content creators in the UK

Friday, 11 December 2015

Niche is a technology platform that connects brands with leading content creators around the world. It was acquired by Twitter earlier this year and this week we’re pleased to launch our first campaign in the UK for @DoritosUK, working with @OMD_UK.

The creator community has grown substantially over the past few years with the launch of mobile first platforms and applications. That means there is a burgeoning opportunity for brands to create scalable content and reach new audiences through this extensive network.

For the campaign with @DoritosUK we partnered with @arron_crascall, a well known Vine comedian to share his interpretation of what a Bold Christmas looks like. He will create a number of posts throughout the month of December, which he will share across Vine, Twitter & Facebook. The first of these posts can been seen below.

Content creators rarely work on one channel; that’s why Niche is platform-agnostic. We hope its cross-platform approach appeals to brands as it enables us to build and scale campaigns on nearly 20 platforms.

Creators also come in all forms. You may have a character such as @BenPhillipsUK, who focusses more on personality and comedy. This is an example of the kind of tomfoolery he gets up to on a daily basis.

At the other end of the spectrum, you may have a photographer like @MikeKus who uses his craft to capture beautiful images of the world, such as this.

Niche’s core technology gives creators an in-depth look at their performance across all of their social channels, and it offers a complete solution for brands too – from creator discovery and content creation through to content distribution. This managed service makes it substantially simpler for brands when it comes to creating integrated campaigns!

Niche represents a great opportunity for brands to create moments that resonate with audiences they are looking to connect with. For more information on Niche, or if you’d like to discuss project ideas, please contact Luke Townsin. You can also follow @JoinNiche on Twitter or visit us at for updates.