How brands Tweeted #eclipse2015

Friday, 20 March 2015

As #eclipse2015 became the top trending UK topic for much of the day brands have been busy sharing imagery. Many played entertainingly on their own logos combined with the eclipse. A few great examples:

Oreo (@Oreo) planned well for the moment, backing its Twitter activity with a Promoted Trend and a series of Tweets.

Star Wars (@StarWarsUK) used the Death Star, one of the franchise’s best-known symbols to create a piece of video that resonated strongly with fans.

Innocent Drinks (@innocent) and Pepsi Max UK ( @PepsiMaxIK ) played to the design of their logos.

Audi UK (@AudiUK) had advice for those hoping to get the best view of the eclipse.

Red Bull UK (@RedBullUK) served up a beautifully shot image featuring Scottish trials cyclist Danny MacAskill (@Danny_MacAskill), while Co-operative Food (@CooperativeFood) brought Easter into the mix.

And of course Paddy Power (@paddypower) was there to win great engagement with its humorous take on #eclipse2015.