Five ways people use Twitter on holiday

Thursday, 30 July 2015

As many as half of UK Twitter users go on holiday twice a year, and when they do, Twitter is right there with them at every stage of their travels.

As a mobile platform, Twitter has become an essential part of travel for our users. They turn to the platform for a variety of reasons whilst travelling, such as entertainment and discovery as they look to find places to visit when in a new city or town, according to a study from our #Birdsignals Research Community.

Staying informed is top among those reasons — Twitter is the number one source for news among those surveyed. Twitter tops TV, newspapers and online news sites for the way our users like to keep up-to-date with news.

Five ways people use Twitter on holiday

Top five uses of Twitter on holiday

  • 74% use Twitter to keep up with the news
  • 64% use Twitter to keep up-to-date with news from home
  • 63% use Twitter to keep them entertained
  • 38% use Twitter to find out about travel disruption
  • 34% use Twitter to help them discover things to do

The research highlights how Twitter users on holiday, who contribute to the £29.1B and £18.1B* Britons spend each year on travel internationally and at home respectively, use the platform throughout the different stages of their holiday. That points to the opportunities that are open for advertisers to reach Twitter users with a range of relevant messages — from the preparation and the journey to the holiday itself.

Source | Twitter Birdsignals, June 2015
*Source | World Tourism Organization, 2014 | Great Britain Tourism Survey, 2014