Eight creative wins on Twitter this month

Friday, 30 January 2015

Twitter is home to some great creative work, and in an effort to showcase some exciting new content appearing from advertisers, we’ll be highlighting standout new campaigns on this blog each month.

Whether it’s great use of video, Vine, images or Twitter Cards, we’ll feature a variety of examples from across the advertising spectrum. This month we’re beginning with new work from a range of industries including entertainment, automotive, travel, FMCG and financial Services.

  1. To mark this week’s launch of the new U.S. drama #FortitudeIsComing, @skyatlantic delighted Twitter users with this clever piece of image trickery. A strong call to action asking users to click on the image showed how a single visual can tell a bigger story.

  2. For its #GoFunYourself campaign for the Aygo, @ToyotaGB created this wonderful time-lapse video. It highlights how much you can pack into six seconds on Vine.

  3. To promote its UK crime drama “Suspects,” @channel5_tv used Twitter Promoted Video to tease out dramatic upcoming plotlines prior to the show airing, highlighting how a 20-second teaser can pack a dramatic punch.

  4. In a campaign to support the launch of British horror film “Woman in Black 2” (@WomanInBlackUK), eOne ran a wide ranging creative Twitter campaign including video teasers, gifs, media-forward test Tweets and spooky Vines. This is a strong example of how Twitter can play a role in every stage of the film lifecycle. 

  5. With Christmas and New Years over, @British_Airways launched its January Sale. It showed how great use of stunning imagery, including this photo of Edinburgh, can drive conversation and engagement.

  6. @marmite has continued to see strong results for its #MarmiteNeglect campaign. By complementing its TV activity with video and image Tweets, @marmite racked up high levels of engagement. This great hashtag and idea shows how Twitter x TV can be a strong combination.

  7. @Heineken_UK also spoke to the idea of travel with some aspirational messaging around “Dream Island.” It shared stunning images along with asking users to share “a dream you’ve never had” with a view to winning a dream holiday.

  8. A cat and a competition? @coopinsurance got Twitter users talking #CoopCat activity. The campaign with its competition element racked up strong engagement levels and all of this was nicely contained within a Tweet.