Discovering Britain through Twitter

Monday, 27 April 2015

Twitter is a great place to discover more about the things you are interested in, and it’s the perfect companion to explore your surroundings, locally or anywhere around the world. Let’s start our tour with this look at cities around Britain.

Whether you’re planning a trip or seeking new destinations where you live, Twitter can be your point of departure for inspiration. For example, here’s a selection of Twitter accounts from five cities around Britain, which we’ll share throughout the day. For each city – London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester and Edinburgh – we’ve highlighted a variety of Twitter accounts, from historical landmarks to museums and galleries, from restaurants to tourism agencies.

London / @visitlondon

There are an amazing number of London-based Twitter accounts to follow, shining a light on a city packed with history, culture and arts of every variety. Here are 10 accounts to help you discover London’s treasures:

  1. @hrp_palaces
  2. @BrixtonBlog
  3. @SkintLondon
  4. @SomersetHouse
  5. @CarnabyLondon
  6. @LondONtheinside
  7. @mudchute
  8. @londonisyours
  9. @LondonPopups
  10. @londonist


With a population of more than 1M, Birmingham is home to major cultural institutions and a wealth of great Twitter accounts to help you find great new restaurants, bars and places to explore:

  1. @visit_bham
  2. @thinktankmuseum
  3. @WhatsOnBrum
  4. @THSHBirmingham
  5. @hiddenbrum
  6. @Brindleyplace
  7. @IndependentBham
  8. @BhamUpdates
  9. @bhamcathedral
  10. @Blakesley_Hall


Located in the heart of the North West of England, Manchester is one of Britain’s most vibrant cities, famed for its football, music, science and culture:

  1. @visit_mcr
  2. @FootballMuseum
  3. @mcrconfidential
  4. @mcrwire
  5. @citylifemanc
  6. @CaptureYourNite
  7. @The_Lowry
  8. @WhitworthArt
  9. @HOME_mcr
  10. @NQManchester

Cardiff / @visitcardiff

As the Welsh capital, Cardiff is home to many of national cultural and sporting institutions:

  1. @RCMAmarkets
  2. @thecardiffstory
  3. @chaptertweets
  4. @HungryCityHippy
  5. @MotleyMovies
  6. @DW_Experience
  7. @buteparkcardiff
  8. @cardiff_castle
  9. @Awesome_Cardiff
  10. @plastikmag


The Scottish capital boasts a wealth of history and culture north of the border, from its stunning castle to the Edinburgh International Festival (@edintfest) and the Fringe (@edfringe):

  1. @edinburgh
  2. @EdinReporter
  3. @innertubemap
  4. @FBbvp
  5. @stockbridgetwit
  6. @EdinCulture
  7. @EdinCityofLit
  8. @EdinburghBlogg
  9. @Edinburgh_CC
  10. @InformedEdin