Celebrating #TwitterFlock, our first UK mobile developer conference

Thursday, 19 February 2015

More than 400 members of the developer community came together on London’s South Bank today for #TwitterFlock, Twitter’s first ever UK mobile developer conference.

The brightest minds from the UK’s thriving startup and developer community gathered to learn more about Twitter’s modular mobile platform Fabric, and heard direct from a range of Europe’s leading app developers who have built great apps using the SDK.

After a brief introduction to the day, senior developer advocate Bear Douglas (@beardigsit) took the audience through Fabric, including the recent updates to Answers, our real-time mobile analytics product, which now processes over 5 billion sessions per day — over 1 million analytics events per second — and is used by some of the largest apps in the world.

Delegates saw a live demo of Fabric, and heard from UK and European app developers using Twitter Fabric platform to secure the competitive advantage.


Award-winning urban navigation app Citymapper’s (@Citymapper) mobile lead Joe Hughes (@joooe) explained how their app uses Twitter Kit to feature live Tweets from transport agencies. Their new iOS release, announced on stage today, also pulls users’ Tweets on to their City pages for more real-time information than ever before:

“The Tweets we pull into the app fill the gaps in the status info provided by the travel agencies. We love that our users can benefit from Twitter content inside of our app, giving them a more complete picture of their city’s transport options.”

Twitter is the ultimate source of real time information.

— Joe Hughes@JoooeMobile lead, Citymapper


Co-Founder & CEO of event booking app YPlan (@YPlan) Rytis Vitkauskas (@rytisvit), explained how Crashlytics helps them maintain a success rate of 99.8%.

Thanks to this stability we’ve been featured multiple times on both the iOS and Google Play Stores and have one of the highest 5* ratings in our category with over five and a half thousand four or five star reviews.

— Rytis Vitkauskas@rytisvitCo-Founder and CEO, YPlan 

By incorporating Twitter Sharing via the Fabric SDK and adopting Twitter Cards, YPlan’s users can now tap directly into conversations on Twitter about events they are interested in. This sharing has been optimised with deep­linking Twitter Cards which draw people back into the app.


BlaBlaCar’s (@BlaBlaCarUK) product manager Benjamin Retourne (@bretourne) revealed how Crashlytics has given their car sharing app crash-­free user ratio above 98% on both Android & iOS.

Crashlytics has helped us to make our product more stable and reliable and it’s something we would recommend to everyone.

— Benjamin Retourne@bretourneProduct manager, BlaBlaCar

Game Insight

Game Insight (@GI_mobile) is a global developer of mobile, social and desktop games. CEO Anatoly Ropotov (@tolik) explained how they have integrated Fabric into their mobile gaming apps.

The deep integration with the Twitter Kit uses Twitter Login for single sign-on across multiple platforms, which allows players to retain their progress across multiple devices. Game Insight also uses Twitter Cards so players can jump straight from their Twitter feed instantly into the relevant section of the game: player profiles, groups, or replays.

Sharing via Twitter and native Tweet syndication also allowed Game Insight to achieve real player-­to-­player conversation both within - and outside - of the game.

We wanted to do something unique that could only be achieved with Twitter using Fabric.

— Anatoly Ropotov@tolikCEO, Game Insight

“We added a real­time feed of the #cloudraiders hashtag right into the game to ensure that any game-related conversation on Twitter appeared completely native and that players could reply directly.”

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The keynote presentations were followed by a series of breakout technical sessions. Developers interested in finding out more about using Fabric can check out the detailed developer documentation, and contact our world-class developer support team available 24/7 to answer your questions in our forums and via our Twitter accounts (@TwitterDev, @Fabric, @Digits). Get started today by signing up for Fabric.