Celebrating Twitter passions at Christmas

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Twitter is about celebrating your passions and last week we came up with a way to say thank you to many of the people we have worked with in 2016. We set some tough challenges around different Twitter passions and gave away some fantastic Christmas themed prizes. The response was fantastic.

You sent us hundreds of submissions that entertained and delighted. We’ve brought together some of the best of those videos, Vines and pictures you sent us for each daily challenge here.

Day 1: Music #MistletoeAndVine

The challenge: Grab a partner for a special duet of your favourite Christmas carol or song.

Our favourites:

Day 2: Fashion #FestiveFashionistas

The challenge: Tweet us your customised Christmas jumper design.

Our favourites:

Day 3: Sport #TwitterTekkers

The challenge: To create a Vine, Periscope, photo or video, showing us your football skills or demonstrate your love of the beautiful game.

Our favourites:

Day 4: Entertainment #ChristmasTakeOne

The challenge: Recreate a scene from a film or TV show.

Our favourites:

Day 5: Food #XmasCandyCanes

The challenge: Tweet a photo showing us how many candy-canes you can hang off your face.

Our favourites: