12 Twitter facts for 2015

Friday, 9 January 2015

As 2015 gets underway, we’ve put together this handy events guide to help brands plan ahead. The moments and events listed below are designed to help illustrate the breadth and depth of conversations that take place on Twitter and how they help make up some of the 500 million Tweets that are sent globally every day.

This guide is packed with big moments and research numbers to help your brand get the most out of the coming 12 months on Twitter. It highlights how previous high-profile events have attracted large television and Twitter audiences, which drove high volumes of buzz and conversation on the platform.

It also shows how brands can achieve breakthrough impact with timely Tweets as @KitKat did during the launch of the iPhone 6.

We hope it will help your brand focus on some of the most important coming conversations on Twitter this year and provide inspiration about how best to join the discussion whether it is London Fashion Week, the Brit Awards, Eurovision, the Festival season, Wimbledon, the start of the football season or the coming Rugby World Cup. It is key moments like these that are likely to drive huge scale and create unique opportunities for your brand on Twitter in 2015 — all highlighted on our 12 month infographic (click here for the full version or on the image below).

12 Twitter facts for 2015

Click here for the full version or on the image above to see 2015 in full. All the sources quoted in the infographic can be found here.