11 creative wins on Twitter in May - from entertainment to mobile, retail and sport

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Some cracking campaigns debuted on Twitter during May, with nods to the birth of the Royal Baby and the end of the English football season.

Advertising across the spectrum made its mark, including work from the FMCG, alcohol, entertainment, sport, mobile, charities and retail sectors, among others.

  1. @CadburyUK

    Backed with two Promoted Trends, @CadburyUK has been offering its Twitter fans the chance to fly on the Cadbury jet to various European destinations. That’s right: a chocolate jet. Where can we sign up

  2. @adidasUK

    The football season is over, and some big names are leaving the English game – the biggest among them being Liverpool FC captain Steven Gerrard. @adidasUK said a fond farewell.

  3. @SamsungMobile

    You know #ThatNewPhoneFeeling? @SamsungMobile has been celebrating it as part of its campaign for the #GalaxyS6edge with Vines, GIFs and Promoted Video.

  4. @africaprogress

    The foundation headed by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan (@KofiAnnan) has been running a hard-hitting campaign educating Twitter users on its goal of equitable and sustainable development in Africa.

  5. @marksandspencer

    As long as you don’t look out the window too often, summer is here. It marks the perfect occasion for @marksandspencer to launch @DGandyOfficial’s swimwear range for Autograph.

  6. @WaterAidUK

    By posing the question as a hashtag, charity @WaterAidUK asked what would the world be like #ifmenhadperiods? To answer, it offers up a spoof ad for #manpons.

  7. @Pampers_UK

    Using the birth of the Royal Baby as its entry point, @Pampers_UK celebrated the birth of #everybaby in this touching ad.

  8. @OralB_UK

    This one from @OralB_UK tapped into National Smile Month (yes, that’s really a thing). As its contribution to the UK’s largest and longest-running oral health campaign @OralB_UK made a rather sweet contribution.

  9. @houseoffraser

    The department store took to the red carpet as part of its sponsorship of the TV BAFTA Awards. HoF used SnappyTV to broadcast from the red carpet in real time and followed up with a series of “Get the look” Tweets to show users how to dress like their favourite celebs.

  10. @FostersUK

    Another farewell, this time from @FostersUK, when they released their final ad featuring Australian agony uncles, Brad and Dan, bringing the campaign’s six-year run to an end.

  11. @PoltergeistUK

    This is scary, so look away if you need to: 20th Century Fox has been promoting its update of a classic 80s movie via @PoltergeistUK. The account has shared some cracking clips and trailers (including ones with scary clowns).