Thursday, 6 February 2014

Twitter is a global platform for self expression, human connection and discovery. With the Opening Ceremony taking place in Sochi tomorrow, people around the world are coming together on Twitter to cheer on their teams. A recent survey of Twitter users showed that 54% are likely to tweet while watching the @Sochi2014 Games.

Over the next two weeks, athletes from 88 countries will take part in 98 different events from bob sleigh to figure skating. Fans in the UK can support the British competitors using the official hashtag #GoTeamGB. Other hashtags to follow for the latest information from Sochi are #Sochi, #Sochi2014 and #Olympics.

You can keep up to date with the 48 members of @TeamGB from this list, including snowboarder @zoegillings, skier Chemmy Alcott (@ChemmySki) and curler @EveMuirhead. Another useful resource is this list from @BBCSport which features tweets from Olympians past and present, teams and media, all tweeting insightful content from Sochi.

65% of Twitter users surveyed in the UK think that watching live sports with Twitter is more exciting. So join in to follow the action and cheer for @TeamGB!