New Kellogg’s study: Promoted Tweets can lead to significantly greater purchase intent

Friday, 31 January 2014

Promoted Tweets can lead to a significantly higher intent to purchase. This is just one of the findings that has emerged from a recent survey we ran with @Nielsen and Kellogg’s (@KelloggsUK) for its cereal brand Krave (@kraveunleashed).

The Nielsen Brand Effect survey* looked at how exposure to multiple Tweets could influence consumer behaviour. It centred on a @kraveunleashed TV and Twitter promotion to win tickets to the Alton Towers Resort (@altontowers). The study ran in a year when Kellogg’s wanted an increased focus on Twitter, which it sees its audience using heavily alongside mobile.

As part of the campaign, @KelloggsUK used keyword targeting of conversations around TV shows such as Hollyoaks (@Hollyoaks), Made in Chelsea (@E4Chelsea) and Britain’s Got Talent (@GotTalent), to reach teen audiences and align closely to the TV spots.

The findings from the Nielsen research reveal that
multiple exposure to Promoted Tweets leads to significantly higher brand association, brand relevance and purchase intent.

The @KelloggsUK study found Twitter users who are exposed to multiple Promoted Tweets show a 12% lift in purchase intent.

This increase in purchase intent is perhaps all the more notable as @kraveunleashed is targeted at the hard-to-reach teen market of

15-19 year olds who don’t always respond well to children or teen messaging.

Regarding the impact on consumer association with a campaign or hashtag, the Kellogg’s study found that this association rose by 17% when users are exposed to Promoted Tweets more than once. Furthermore, there was a 16% lift in brand relevance.

In addition, the research shows that Twitter users who engage with Promoted Tweets also show a lift in purchase intent when compared to those who did not engage at all. This underscores the importance to marketers of having an “always-on” campaign strategy, which increases the number of touch points with consumers.

At the same time, additional research we conducted using tools from media monitoring tool Crimson Hexagon showed how average daily Krave-related conversation volume increased by 190% during the campaign.

It also revealed that average daily conversation expressing intent to buy or try was 2X pre-campaign levels.

These findings illustrate the considerable positive impact that Promoted Tweets can have on Twitter and how that not only does it drive awareness, but leads to an overall rise in sales.


*Nielsen Brand Effect for Twitter, a new survey tool for advertisers to measure the impact of their Twitter campaigns on brand metrics.