Launching #LoveTheatre day

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

On Wednesday, 19 November, theatres across the UK and beyond will take part in the first-ever #LoveTheatre day on Twitter.

The one-day extravaganza will give theatres the chance to celebrate the industry, connect to new audiences and showcase their unique and exclusive content through Twitter. It is completely free of charge and open to all theatres, from professional to amateur dramatics, and any other cultural institutions that want to join in.

Launching #LoveTheatre dayGet involved

Theatres that would like to sign up for #LoveTheatre day can fill out this form

We will also host a webinar for participating institutions on Thursday, 13 November at 4 p.m. GMT to give more details about the project and answer your questions. Register here for the webinar.

#LoveTheatre hashtags

Hashtags join conversations together on Twitter. Throughout the day, theatres are being encouraged to use the hashtag #LoveTheatre in their Tweets to join the event.

The day itself will be broken into three distinct themes to shine a light on different aspects of the theatre industry. Each theme has its own time slot and hashtag for theatres to use in their Tweets, allowing interested Twitter users across the UK and beyond to follow along.

1. #BackStage: 10 a.m. to 12-noon GMT

  • Theatres can give an access-all-areas glimpse into how a production comes together in the weeks leading up to the curtain rising.
  • This time block also showcases the work of the unsung heroes of the theatre world, from production staff to prop procurers and veteran crew.
  • It’s a place to share the intricacies and secrets behind show day itself. What really goes into costume and makeup, set design and venue management.

2. #AskATheatre: 3-5 p.m. GMT

  • This time is meant to showcase the voice of cast, crew, orchestra and others through Twitter Q&As.
  • It’s a great way to get followers involved and gives them the chance to get their questions answered.
  • It’s also a unique opportunity for aspiring actors or keen stagehands to have their questions answered to discover how the magic happens.

3. #Showtime: 7-10 p.m. GMT

  • Experience the main event, through Twitter, as the main performance unfolds.
  • Twitter will be the virtual stalls that brings an added dimension to the typical theatre experience.
  • Whether in the flesh or online, playgoers will be able to join the conversation through live Tweets and Vines across the evening, right up to curtain call.

Keep posted for more information as #LoveTheatre day draws closer. #TheatreDay has been created in partnership with the Culture Themes initiative (@CultureThemes) and the Guardian Culture Professionals Network (@GdnCulturePros).