How the Financial Times succeeded on Twitter

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

When the Financial Times (@FT) wanted to target in real time those interested in what was happening at the World Economic Forum (@davos) in Davos it used Twitter Ads to get its message out.

The campaign, which centred on editorial video content, was focused on getting across the @FT’s opinion on what was taking place in Switzerland and why it mattered to the world economy.

As part of our #TalkingTwitter series, we spoke to @rebeccawatts, social media manager at the @FT, about the campaign and how the media brand achieved a high click through rate and a low cost per engagement. 

Key to the campaign’s success, according to Watts, was the precise targeting that’s possible with Twitter Ads. This allowed the @FT to deliver highly relevant content to encourage people “to click-through, watch it and ultimately share it”.

The success of the @FT on Twitter again highlights how Twitter and newspapers work well together.

We looked in detail at this story earlier this year when we published joint research with Newsworks (@newsworks_uk). This demonstrated how Twitter brings new audiences to newspaper brands and revealed that as many as 59% of UK Twitter users follow newspaper brands, sub-brands or journalists.

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Our third #TalkingTwitter interview is with Wale Gbadamosi Oyekanmi (@worldwale), CEO of social TV agency @Darewin, who took time out to chat about creativity on Twitter, storytelling and MTV (France)’s memorable campaign to promote the third season premiere of ‘Teen Wolf’.