How the crowd followed the #UCLFinal on Twitter

Sunday, 25 May 2014

On Saturday night, football fans came together on Twitter to follow the Champions League Final as the platform became an extension of the stadium. The teams Real Madrid (@realmadrid) and Atlético Madrid (@Atleti) interacted with fans live on Twitter, and the night generated more than 8.4 million Tweets.

The #UCLFinal ended with a 4-1 victory for @realmadrid against @Atleti as, for the first time in history, two teams from the same city faced each other in the prestigious European clash.

Fans followed the pulse of what was happening on Twitter minute-by-minute, before, during and after the match — and also used the platform to find exclusive content.

On Saturday night, fans chose Twitter for live #UCLFinal updates and to discover exclusive content.

The official hashtag of the match was #UCLFinal, which was used ahead of the game to build excitement: 

During the match, the moments that saw the highest number of Tweets were the goals. Gareth Bale’s (@GarethBale11) goal was the most talked with 209,594 Tweets per minute, followed by Sergio Ramos’ (@sergioramos) with 188,521 Tweets per minute, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s (@Cristiano), which generated 183,901 Tweets per minute.

The top Retweet of the match came from @realmadrid, sent as @sergioramos scored in the 93rd minute, and generating more than 21,000 Retweets: 

Following their victory, @RealMadrid and their players shared their excitement on Twitter:

Twitter was also the place where players, clubs and fans from the world of football and beyond came together to congratulate @realmadrid:

During the game there were more than 8.4 million Tweets, generated as the organisers, teams, broadcasters and fans from around the world came together on Twitter to celebrate an incredible night of football.