How ten brands joined the #TransferDeadlineDay conversation

Thursday, 4 September 2014

As further confirmation that Twitter makes live sporting events more exciting, more than 4.2 million Tweets were sent about football’s #TransferDeadlineDay as speculation, news and debate flowed in 140 characters.

Along with the clubs, the media and the fans, quite a few brands took part in the conversation. Here are ten Tweets that illustrate some of the ways they contributed to the #TransferDeadlineDay and #DeadlineDay buzz.

The day itself is about as much about fan and punditry speculation as anything else — a point brought humorously to life by @Dominos_UK and #PizzaShilton:

For many fans #TransferDeadlineDay can be a mixed blessing. It isn’t all about buying new players; the transfer window can mean saying goodbye to one of your favourites. This was a point noted by @SamsungUK:

Often some of the best moments happen on Twitter in response to the conversation already taking place. When well-known @Arsenal fan and journalist @piersmorgan laid out his thoughts for manager Arsène Wenger, @CadburyUK responded:

@CadburyUK was one of several brands whose Tweets name-checked individual managers and teams. @JustEatUK went with Wenger while @Norton_UK had a message for Manchester United (@ManUtd) manager Louis van Gaal.

On average, we unlock our phones as many as 110 times a day (Locket App research, 2013). It is easy to imagine that figure being surpassed on #DeadlineDay, which thought sparked a humorous aside from @FootballManager and a suggestion from @sonyxperiagb about how people could make a transfer of their own.

As much as the players, journalists like @JimWhite are a big part of the #DeadlineDay story. White, who has earned himself the nickname ‘Mr Deadline Day,’ is known for his round-the-clock marathon on Sky Sports News (@SkySportsNewsHQ), as recognised by several brands.

Not everyone is an expert pundit, so sometimes it’s best to come clean and admit that football knowledge is not your strong suit. This worked for @PizzaExpress: