How brands told the story of the Commonwealth Games on Twitter

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Commonwealth Games racked up more than 3.3 million Tweets and 790,000 mentions of the official #Glasgow2014 and #BringItOn hashtags as fans, athletes and brands enjoyed the international celebration of sport.

#Glasgow2014 provided a number of memorable highlights: the flying start with the RAF’s Red Arrows (@rafredarrows), a royal photo bomb featuring the Queen and @KylieMinogue rocking the crowd at the closing ceremony. All those conversations took place on Twitter and brands were part of it throughout.

The @rafredarrows over Glasgow provided a perfect opportunity to share stunning images of the opening ceremony, shown here by @RadissonGLA and @GLA_Airport:

And there were scene stealing royal appearances when two hockey players took a selfie and a certain member of the royal family stole the moment:

As the games got underway, many wonderful celebratory moments from competitors were captured, some of which were highlighted by @VMLoves:

@Arsenal and @leedsrhinos used Twitter to congratulate fans:

The Commonwealth Games being an event involving England and Australia, there was fun to be had in that historic rivalry, as @VMLoves also showed:

For a home-grown Scottish brand, #Glasgow2014 was a perfect platform for @NewFromIRNBRU, which used the occasion to launch its Commonwealth Games ad:

And kept a list of the achievements as the Games progressed:

Another local brand, @YourSSE shared some striking moments both on an individual and a grand scale:

As did @speedo, which also celebrated the success of its competitors:

As well as celebrating success, @FordUK showed how Tweets can tell simple stories about those competing:

Not to mention the value of cupcakes:

After a successful 12 days, all that was left to say was thank you:

To close out the games, the baton was passed from Scotland to Australia with a spectacular farewell from @kylieminogue: