Welcoming a new #ChiefRabbi on Twitter

Monday, 2 September 2013

Yesterday’s installation of the new Chief Rabbi was the first to take place for 22 and years - and the first ceremony of its kind to feature a specific Twitter element.

To mark the day and bring the event to a digital audience, the Office of the Chief Rabbi re-launched the @ChiefRabbi Twitter account for incoming Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis.

The first Tweets from the new account were sent on Sunday to coincide with the installation, using a combination of words and images to bring the ceremony to life for a worldwide audience:

The Chief Rabbi’s Office also designated #ChiefRabbi as the official hashtag for the day. They asked those who wanted to follow the ceremony and tweet about the historic event to do so by using the hashtag.

Hashtags join conversations together and allow Twitter users to find others who are interested in the same topics or events.

A variety of well-wishers joined the conversation using the hashtag, including UK Prime Minister @David_Cameron:

Ahead of the installation, a spokesman for the Office of the Chief Rabbi, said: “Sunday’s installation is a once in a generation moment for the Jewish community and a little bit of British history too.

“Rabbi Mirvis is only the 11th Chief Rabbi since 1704. We are delighted to be using Twitter to welcome Rabbi Mirvis into office.

“Twitter will enable Jewish communities in the UK and around the world to share in the occasion and contribute their own messages of good wishes.”