Day of the Davids

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Whether you’re a fan of fashion, sport or natural history, Twitter was the place to be today as two famous Davids took to the platform to answer questions directly from fans.

Footballer David Beckham took over the @HM account to mark the launch of the new TV advert for his clothing range, whilst the @BBCNature account saw a special guest appearance from Sir David Attenborough, ahead of his show ‘Africa’ airing on @BBCOne this evening.

Both #AskBeckham and #AskAttenborough trended on Twitter in the UK as fans took the opportunity to put questions to their idols. 

Beckham’s takeover of H&M’s Twitter feed (@HM) kicked off at 8am this morning as he exclusively posted his new short film #BeckhamforHM, directed by Guy Ritchie.

Then at lunchtime, he arrived to answer questions sent in by followers using the hashtag #AskBeckham. Arriving a little later than planned, he started by posting this picture of himself gearing up for the hour-long session:

He then went on to answer questions, telling fans that he had the option to buy a franchise in US Major League Soccer:

He also answered questions about highlights from his footballing career:

It wasn’t all sport related though - Beckham gave this cheeky response to bride-to-be Laura Pow’s question:

He also revealed to fans which career he would have followed if wasn’t a footballer:

Beckham admitted that despite having lived in several cities around the world, he still thinks of London as his home:

And he even bantered with former footballer and TV presenter @GaryLineker:


Meanwhile over on @BBCNature, a legend from another field made his Twitter debut as Sir David Attenborough answered questions from fans using the hashtag #AskAttenborough.

And he’s certainly a personality with global appeal, demonstrated as he replied to this Tweet from @Cmdr_Hadfield, an astronaut aboard the International Space Station:

As part of the chat, he also shared this video of himself with a baby rhino, reminding fans of his legendary broadcasting skills:

He also used the opportunity to highlight the plight of the endangered creature:

As well as highlighting a mighty beast of the animal world, he played homage to the lowly earthworm as he answered this question:

During the Q&A Attenborough reflected on his extraordinary career, telling followers that he would not have done anything differently if he had his time again:

Although he also revealed himself to be a fan of new media, highlighting Twitter as something that would have excited him as a young filmmaker:

Dinner Guests 
Both Davids answered questions about their dream guests for a dinner party, with Attenborough opting for Charles Darwin, and Beckham choosing the Queen, Jack Nicholson and Muhammad Ali:

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