Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Last week, 120 engineers gathered at LBI in Brick Lane for the Twitter UK Engineering Open House. After making the place look sufficiently Twitter-y, we got down to business.

TweetDeck’s founder, @iaindodsworth, kicked off with a quick welcome talk introducing the engineering efforts underway at Twitter UK.

Then @danwrong, an engineer from Twitter HQ, discussed the use of hashbangs (#!) on Twitter.com and the decisions involved in the “PushState or bust!” approach.

After Dan answered a bunch of questions from the crowd, @jmwhittaker and I took the stage to talk about TweetDeck, the tools and techniques used to build it, and what the future may have in store.

The final session of the evening was lead by Twitter HQ designer @mdo and engineer @fat, who gave a Voltron-heavy guide to the open-source UI project Bootstrap.

The UK Engineering Open House was a great way for us to meet some of London’s best developers, and we hope it provided a useful look into the kinds of challenges and opportunities our team faces every day. Thanks to everyone who turned up, and for those that couldn’t make it, you can find us on Twitter: @TweetDeck and @TwitterUK.

We’re hiring, so if you’d like to #JoinTheFlock, please check out the international jobs site.