Concluding the Twitter Fiction Festival

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Twitter Fiction Festival began, perhaps appropriately, with creation:

Of course, this being Twitter in 2012, creation was a Greek myth rewritten as a tabloid headline and fit into 140 characters by British author Lucy Coats (@lucycoats). And with that the Festival was off and running!

Over five days, storytellers from around the globe wrote hundreds of Tweets and dozens of stories all in the service of #twitterfiction. One popular approach for our showcase authors was to adopt the persona of a character. US author Josh Gosfield created the persona of Fathom Butterfly (@fathombutterfly) and told her “memoir-in-Tweets” not just with her words, but also with specially-created publicity photos and magazine covers.

UK author Faiq Muneef wrote a story in Arabic from the perspective of the Crying Canary (@cryingcanary).

And in France, Marcel Lasoen (@MarcelLasoen) sought to reconnect with his lost family via Twitter, with the aid of his author Marc Capelle (@marccapelle).

These were just a few of the fantastic showcase stories featured during the Festival, twenty-nine stories spanning every kind of format from Stevie Ronnie’s (@stevieronnie) interactive poem @e_l_l_i_p_s_i_s to the multi-perspective story of Fabrice Colin (@FabriceColin). All of the showcase authors brought a creative imagination to their pieces that made them all incredibly unique and inspired uses of Twitter.

And outside of the showcase, thousands more Tweets were sent as a part of the Festival including the #twitterfiction hashtag. Many people from around the world participated with a story in a single Tweet:

And others embarked on ambitious multi-day projects like the #Scherezada story in Spanish and the multi-author #AllSinners project in French. We thank everyone who participated in the Twitter Fiction Festival. We were inspired by the outpouring of creativity in telling stories on Twitter. We hope all of you continue to experiment, find new formats, introduce new characters, and tell the wonderful stories that fill Twitter with such amazing content.