Twitter Canada previews the 2017 Progress Summit

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Leading thinkers, policy experts and organizers from across Canada will gather in Ottawa from April 5-7 for the 2017 Progress Summit (#prgrs17), the largest annual progressive politics conference in Canada.

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Themes for the 2017 Progress Summit include:

  • Movement activists on their fights to change the game
  • The future of Canadian social democracy
  • Countering the global rise of the right
  • Economics for sustainable and inclusive growth
  • Lessons from progressive wins at the municipal level
  • Big ideas to improve healthcare for all Canadians
  • Leadership and movement building
  • Lessons from cutting edge campaigns

Look for these and other topics to drive the #prgs17 conversation on Twitter and at the conference, as well as live Periscope broadcasts from the event. This year’s Progress Summit will feature a wide range of speakers from across Canada including Saskatoon mayor Charlie Clark (@charlieclarkyxe), Halifax city councilor Lindell Smith (@LindellSmithHFX), and Toronto-based journalist and social commentator Desmond Cole (@DesmondCole).

Presented by the Broadbent Institute (@broadbent), which was founded by former leader of the federal New Democratic Party Ed Broadbent, #prgrs17 will also be an important touchstone for the NDP (@NDP_HQ) on its journey to select a new leader in October 2017.

To date, four candidates have registered for the leadership race and debates have been held in Ottawa and Montreal:

Angus has been the most mentioned #NPDldr hopeful on Twitter in recent weeks. In 2017, his account has been mentioned more times than accounts for the other three registered candidates combined.

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In terms of new Twitter followers gained, Ashton is leading in that category. Here are the four hopefuls ranked by number of new followers gained in 2017:

  1. Niki Ashton (@nikiashton)
  2. Charles Angus (@CharlieAngusNDP)
  3. Peter Julian (@MPJulian)
  4. Guy Caron (@GuyCaronNPD)

The broader Twitter conversation about the leadership race continues to gain momentum on the platform overall. There were 6x more mentions of the #NPDldr race on Twitter in March 2017 when compared to February 2017.

The top three dates in 2017 that had the largest volume of #NDPldr conversation on Twitter:

  1. March 12, 2017: The first #NDPldr debate in Ottawa
  2. March 26, 2017: #NDPldr debate in Montreal
  3. March 7, 2017: Niki Ashton officially launches her campaigns

Keep tabs on Twitter during #prgrs17 and in the coming months for the latest on the #NPDldr race and the #cdnpoli conversation at large.

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