Give it up for the Aussie winners in the first annual #TwitterAwards

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Saying that we’re happy to announce the winners of the first #TwitterAwards is a huge understatement. These awards recognise the marketers, the ideas people, the innovators and the creators all over the world, who work tirelessly to create ingenious campaigns. The winners taking home trophies are simply the best of the best, and we’re proud to say that Aussie campaigns are front and centre!

So without further ado, here’s the Aussie campaigns taking home gongs in the first #TwitterAwards. Congrats, people!

Gold for @SnickersAU and @clemengerBBDO in the #Impact award
The #Impact award celebrates the campaigns that rode their strategies all the way to jaw-dropping ROI results.
Campaign name: Hungerithm

With the “you’re not you when you’re hungry” brand story in mind, @SnickersAU discovered that the mood of Twitter gets surlier between meal times. Yes, even the internet gets hangry.

The Snickers Hungerithm, an algorithm that monitored Twitter’s collective mood and sentiment, came to the rescue. When the mood on Twitter was chill, the price of a Snickers at 7-Eleven stayed at AU$1.75. But when the mood plummeted, so did the price. The angrier the internet became, the cheaper Snickers got. The Hungerithm connected social promotion to in-store purchases by allowing people to check Twitter’s mood every 10 minutes and claim coupons on their phones.

The five-week campaign delivered more than 30 million earned media impressions, and over 150 online articles with an earned PR value above AUS$1.4 million. Brand mentions on Twitter increased by 120%, which helped fuel website visits that reached 400% above the benchmark. More than 150,000 Snickers were sold in 7-Eleven stores across the country.

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Silver for @Melbourne and @clemengerBBDO in the #Live Award category
Campaign name: Play Melbourne Live

To showcase the city of Melbourne, Tourism Victoria broadcast a campaign via Periscope and connected potential travelers around the globe to the up close, unfiltered, and constantly evolving experiences to be had in Victoria’s coastal capital.

The agency created a small ball with a phone tucked inside as a fun, nonintimidating way to get regular people to face the video camera and share their favorite spots. Viewers could ask questions and interact in real time as well. Tourism Victoria was the first tourism office in the world to use Periscope to bring a destination to life in such an immediate and intimate way.

Play Melbourne Live saw 28,500 total video views on more than 40 Periscope broadcasts with over 11.5 million total video views and 7.9 million engagements (views, clicks, likes, and shares) across social media platforms.

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Congrats to our Australian winners! Here are the other four campaigns that took home Gold awards.

#LIVE award: Ready. Set. Race.
@NASCAR set a record for the largest social media spike in history; it was all about fast cars and faster thumbs.
Credits: Ogilvy & Mather, NASCAR

#CREATIVITY award: #LiveIntheMovies
During the Oscars weekend, @Airbnb outpaced paid TV advertisers in both conversation and reach, showing just how effective it can be to create culture instead of just chasing it.
Credits: Airbnb, TBWA/Chiat Day

#CUSTOMER award: @AppleSupport Launch
The live nature of Twitter enables @AppleSupport to respond to customer inquiries, pick up conversations with customers at any time, and incorporate rich media into responses to provide help when and where people need it most.
Credits: Apple

#SCALE award: Dear Media
Dear Media anticipated the heated conversation about sexist media coverage around the Summer Olympics and led the way in.
Credits: Mindshare, Edelman, Vayner, RESN, Opentopic, NXTE, Prodigious, Niche

For a complete list of winners, their campaigns, and the secrets behind their wins, check out our #TwitterAwards recap.

Congratulations to all the winning campaigns and to the people who came up with the brilliant ideas behind them. We’re proud this all unfolded on @Twitter.

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