@SevenWestMedia to increase #AusOpen video reach & revenue with @Twitter

Friday, 13 January 2017

Twitter is where sports lovers come to witness and relive their favourite moments, and there’s nothing more iconic than the Australian Open. Today, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Seven to bring them more reach and revenue for the best moments from their premium coverage of one of the biggest tournaments in sport

Building on Seven’s existing use of Twitter as a key distribution platform, this exciting partnership will enable Seven to deliver and monetise exclusive Tweet video highlights and content from the #AusOpen through @7Tennis to give tennis lovers access to live and exclusive video highlights from the tournament.

Through @TwitterAmplify, video Tweets shared by @7Tennis will include a replay of on-court action at the #AusOpen, with a short pre-roll ad from sponsors including @ANZ_AU@kiaaustralia, Campari, @GC2018 Organising Committee, This Australian Life (TAL) and @WillHillAus.

@Blackmores, a content sponsor for this year’s #AusOpen, is further harnessing the power of Twitter by working with Seven to create and Tweet a range of Conversational Video Ads.

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At Seven we believe that T.V. now stands for Total Video and Twitter is an essential platform of our 7everywhere product and strategy. Consumers can experience our exclusive live sports content on their device and platform of choice and our Partners and Sponsors messages follow our Premium content everywhere.

Clive Dickens

Seven West Media’s Chief Digital Officer

‎@clivedickens ‎

After a successful global live stream of the Melbourne Cup in 2016, Twitter has a number of new live streaming and content experiences in sport planned for 2017, including the recently announced PGA Tour, all designed to deliver a truly unique experiences for users.

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