Customise the MoPub SDK for only the formats you use

Thursday, 15 September 2016

When evaluating SDK solutions, size is an important factor to consider because of a 100MB size limit for both iOS and Android apps. This is especially important for publishers whose core audience is in the Asia-Pacific region and other countries where data plans are expensive, as it can slow growth rate.

With this in mind, today we’re excited to announce MoPub’s modular SDK, a new solution that allows publishers to customise the SDK for only the ad formats they want to use. By introducing a modular architecture for both iOS and Android apps, we’ve minimised the space used by the MoPub SDK, which can lead to more app downloads at faster speeds and more room to build new features.

From standard banner ads to mobile-first formats such as native ads, MoPub supports one of the most comprehensive sets of ad formats — but now, you can pick and choose the ones you want to work with. Think you might want to try a new format later on? With MoPub, you have the freedom to update your formats at any time, without any commitment to the formats that you’ve previously chosen.

How it works: The new modular structure allows you to selectively embed part of the SDK in your application, resulting in savings of up to 60% of disk space on Android, up to 35% on iOS, and a reduction in total app size.

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The image above illustrates an example of an Android publisher who uses banner, fullscreen/video, and rewarded video ads in their app. With the modular SDK, they can include the code for only the formats they’re using, trimming their MoPub SDK size down to 40% of the complete SDK.

Many Android developers have become more sensitive to the size of the SDKs they’re embedding in their apps due to technical constraints, including a 100MB app size limit and a 64Ki dex method limit. With MoPub’s modular SDK, Android publishers can save up to 60% disk space and method counts through the flexibility to select any combination of ad formats to use in their app.

On iOS, there are no method limits or size limits, but an “over-the-air” (OTA) limit still applies. The OTA limit requires a WiFi connection for users to download and install apps over 100MB, so it’s still important to reduce app size by trimming the code to only what’s needed. The modular SDK initially allows iOS developers to integrate either the full SDK or everything except native formats, with more flexibility to come.

We’re proud to introduce a unique solution that radically reduces the size of the MoPub SDK, while offering the same full-featured functionality. We look forward to continue shipping SDK updates to help our publishers make great apps.

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