#TVTwitterPlays: How @Channel9 used Twitter to keep #9GreaseLive… live

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Australians enjoy a lot of great local TV but they also love Tweeting about their favourite US and UK shows. This week @Channel9 broadcast the hit @FOXTV event ‘Grease: Live’ but because of timezone differences they had to save this for a later primetime slot in the week.

To make #9GreaseLive a huge live event for Australians, @Channel9 introduced a series of innovative Twitter integrations to help drive engagement around the broadcast and make it feel like a real-time, shared experience.

Firstly, they created a dedicated hashtag — #9GreaseLive — to keep the conversation spoiler-free for Australians and ensure they could connect with local fans and influencers. Fans were given an opportunity to be part of the Australian broadcast with the best Tweets featured live on-air.

They even broadcast the Twitter conversation happening during the show in innovative ways, by using these bold, dynamic interstitials of the live Tweets in the lead into and out of advert breaks.

Throughout the broadcast they used @SnappyTV to create GIFs and video highlights so that fans on Twitter knew when their favourite songs and performances were coming up next on-screen.

#9GreaseLive was a great example of how to make a pre-recorded event feel live and in the moment, with great Twitter integration.

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