#TVTwitterPlays: how @Channel7 turned the #FirstDatesAU finale into a live event

Thursday, 24 March 2016

While Twitter is your live connection to television, sometimes your favourite TV show has been pre-recorded months before it airs. To help bring that live-event experience to the #FirstDatesAU finale, @Channel7 held a live-Tweeting party for the cast at the @TwitterAU#BlueRoom.

Following the penultimate episode, @FirstDatesAU let viewers know that 15 of their favourites would be getting together to answer fans questions and share their reactions to the final episode.

On the night, the cast announced their arrival to the #BlueRoom with a call-to-action for live viewers of the show to send their questions.

As a platform used by Australia’s biggest influencers, @Channel7 also invited @BuzzFeedOz and @2DayFM to join the party.

Once the show commenced, the #FirstDatesAU daters live-Tweeted their reactions to the stories in the finale episode. The process was made easier by the #BlueRoom recording their actions via @SnappyTV meaning every reaction could be shared in a matter of seconds whether it was in a photo, video, or GIF.

At the end of the party the daters thanked fans in the only way that seemed appropriate — in a GIF!

Post finale, the question many were asking was will there be a second series? We hope so! Keep an eye on @FirstDatesAU for all the details.