How Aussies around the world marked #AustraliaDay 2016 on Twitter

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Every year, conversation about #AustraliaDay on Twitter grows and 2016 was no different: Tweets mentioning #AustraliaDay more than doubled last year’s figure to make it the most-Tweeted Australia Day ever.

How Aussies around the world marked #AustraliaDay 2016 on Twitter

Australians mark #AustraliaDay in many different ways, with much of this playing out on Twitter. Tweets using #AustraliaDay will now be added to a permanent Twitter time capsule and digital exhibition hosted by the National Museum of Australia. You can see the exhibition online at

Here’s a look at how #AustraliaDay 2016 unfolded on Twitter.

Celebrations kicked off on Australia Day Eve with the Australian of the Year Awards (@Ausoftheyear).

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (@TurnbullMalcolm) captured his first selfie, along with Australian War Hero @BenRobertsSmith.

In Australia, around the world, and even in outer space, everyday Aussies, celebrities, sports stars and world leaders took to Twitter to share with the world how they were marking #AustraliaDay. Here’s a selection of those Tweets.