Follow #TheBachelorAU premiere on Twitter

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

One of the most Tweeted TV series of 2015, #TheBachelorAU returns to @ChannelTen tonight, and Australia will be flocking to Twitter to react to every funny and heart-warming moment. Here’s how you can join the fun.

Last year, fans of the show were able to live-Tweet along with some of Australia’s biggest influencers including @hamishandandy, @DHughesy and @kyleandjackieo. This year, @ChannelTen has started rewarding some of their biggest Twitter superfans by sending them personalised roses from the Bachelor @richie_strahan himself:

As we’ve seen, #TheBachelorAU is one of the most GIF-able shows on Twitter and in the last year Twitter has made sharing GIFs even easier by including a GIF search function for users. In an Aussie TV first, @ChannelTen has partnered with @GIPHY to create a dedicated #TheBachelorAU channel which will let you easily add GIFs to your Tweets from the latest episode simply by searching #TheBachelorAU in the GIF library.

Finally, host @OsherGunsberg and his trademark quiff will be returning to Twitter during the broadcast to provide his sparkling commentary and insider secrets. Make sure you give him a follow to ask your question about this year’s potential matches.

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