Oceanic Pro League Champions @ChiefsESC join @spawnlol for a live Q&A

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Last week, Australian gamers and gaming enthusiasts joined the Twitter conversation during the League of Legends final battle when the Chiefs (@ChiefsESC) took on Legacy (@LegacyOCE).

League winners Sam Broadley (@Chief_Spookz) and Simon Papamarkos (@ChiefSwiffer) from the Chiefs (@ChiefsESC) visited @TwitterAU for a live #BlueRoom Q&A hosted by League of Legends shoutcaster Jake Tiberi (@Spawnlol).

In the aftermath of an epic Oceanic Pro League final, they shared their views on a range of topics including how they balance study with pro gaming, and provided insight into their preparations for the upcoming IWCI competition in Mexico.

They even took fans behind the scenes and shared how they felt after losing a two-game lead in the final to take it to a 5th game showdown with @LegacyOCE.

The gamers answered questions from Twitter fans and gave away gaming gear from @Logitech_au.

True to form, @Chief_Spookz even stirred some controversy when asked about his competitors.

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